WordPress 4.0

WordPress 4.0, “Benny,” was released on September 4, 2014. Here’s a summary of “What You Need to Know” from an article by Adrian Spiac and posted at CozmosLabs: More Focus on Content — Improved WYSIWYG text editor Visual Media Embeds — “As soon as you’ve entered a URL, the video, tweet or any other embedable […]

12 WP books

The folks at Elegant Themes, in addition to creating truly elegant themes, also post lots of great information for WP users; many of them are lists, like “Best WP portfolio plugins,” “Best contact form plugins,” “Best WP tutorial websites,” and so many more. Here’s a new one (8/30/2014) from them, “12 WP books to add […]

Tables in WP

“Tables are a pretty common content component but are unsupported out-of-the-box by the WordPress Visual Editor. “Not surprisingly then, there are a number of plugins that solve the table problem from those that make the TinyMCE table buttons live again, to Admin interface visual table builders and pure shortcode plays. “But which is best for […]

Great Overview of Free WP Themes

From the amazing crew of writers and developers at WPMU, comes this new article: “Free WordPress Themes: The Ultimate Guide” by Raelene Wilson and published 16 July, 2014, at premium.wpmudev.org/blog/free-wordpress-themes-ultimate-guide/. There are so many free WordPress themes out there it can put your head in a tail spin. So in an effort to help you sift […]

What I’ve learned from a few years of training people on WordPress

This is an initial outline for what I plan to expand as soon as I can… I’ve been working with WordPress since around 2000, and quite actively since 2008 or so. Over the last 5+ years I have not only built dozens of WP websites, but I have also trained dozens of clients on how […]

Another successful training session

I met today with three of the four editors/writers of the teen-produced magazine Tangerine Moon. Maggie, Gina and Athena are all high school sophomores (just finished their freshman year), and have recently taken the reins as the main writers/editors of the magazine. We spent two hours at Maggie’s computer, and went over the basics of […]

Understanding the “Layers” of WordPress

In trying to explain how the different parts of WP (WP itself, plugins and themes) work together, I’ve come up with this conceptual model to help people visualize this: WordPress itself is the “engine” that runs the website. Plugins are additional “apps:” small software tools that add functionality to WordPress. These include tools like image […]

10 Web Predictions for 2014

Another interesting post from Site Point: www.sitepoint.com/10-web-predictions-2014/ 2014 is the year of the smartphone HTML 5 web apps will go mainstream Client-side Flash, Silverlight and Java will die IE 12 will be released The browser market will be dominated by IE and Chrome Opera usage will fall Microsoft will abandon or rebrand Windows RT A […]

Best Frameworks 2014

SitePoint (www.sitepoint.com) is one of the great sources of information on WordPress and other web design topics. They posted an article on the best current design frameworks (www.sitepoint.com/best-web-designing-frameworks-2014/), and listed these frameworks: Twitter Bootstrap 3 (getbootstrap.com) There are scores of WP themes based on the Bootstrap framework Foundation Framework by Zurb (foundation.zurb.com) As of today […]

WP: Turn off auto-hyphenation

Almost every theme I’ve worked with has auto-hyphenation turned on as the default setting, which might be OK if it worked better… but it doesn’t. I often see goofy hyphenations with 2-letter syllables split off the rest of a word. So I usually go in there and turn it off. Of course we should do […]