Another interesting post from Site Point:

  1. 2014 is the year of the smartphone
  2. HTML 5 web apps will go mainstream
  3. Client-side Flash, Silverlight and Java will die
  4. IE 12 will be released
  5. The browser market will be dominated by IE and Chrome
  6. Opera usage will fall
  7. Microsoft will abandon or rebrand Windows RT
  8. A responsive image standard won’t be available
  9. Page weight will steady or drop
  10. A renewed interest in machine-readable data feeds

BTW, the same author (Craig Buckler) made similar predictions at the beginning of 2013, and recently “scored” his own predictions:

  1. Browser usage patterns will steady (Yes, 1-for-1)
  2. Browser choice will become more limited (No, 1/2)
  3. IE11 (or 10.1) will be released (Yes, 2/3)
  4. A big Windows 8 update will arrive (Yes, 3/4)
  5. Node.js will become a disruptive technology (Sort of, 3.5/5)
  6. 2013 is the year of Responsive Web Design (Yes, 4.5/6)
  7. A responsive image standard will be decided (No, 4.5/7)
  8. Touch screen devices will come of age (Yes, 5.5/8)
  9. The native vs web app debate will continue (Yes, 6.5/9)
  10. Average web page weights will reach 2Mb (Sort of, 7/10)

Craig also did 2012 Predictions