Website 101

I’ve given this “lesson” many times over the years, so it’s high time I post it here so it’s preserved and readily available. This begins with “the 3 things you need to have for a website” and then takes each of those a couple of steps further. The Basics: 3 things you need for website: […]

An After School Class at EAHMS: Web Design Using WordPress

I am so very busy in my new job (Academic Coordinator, comparable to Ass’t. Principal) at E. A. Hall MS, I really should not add more to my plate… but I am a fool and I can’t resist, so I am teaching a 1 day/week class in the after school program, on Web Design Using […]

10 Web Predictions for 2014

Another interesting post from Site Point: 2014 is the year of the smartphone HTML 5 web apps will go mainstream Client-side Flash, Silverlight and Java will die IE 12 will be released The browser market will be dominated by IE and Chrome Opera usage will fall Microsoft will abandon or rebrand Windows RT A […]

Best Frameworks 2014

SitePoint ( is one of the great sources of information on WordPress and other web design topics. They posted an article on the best current design frameworks (, and listed these frameworks: Twitter Bootstrap 3 ( There are scores of WP themes based on the Bootstrap framework Foundation Framework by Zurb ( As of today […]