Amazon Web Services —AWS— is one of the most robust, fast and secure “cloud” platforms, and is used widely by public agencies and private enterprises worldwide.

Site District "rocket logo," Managed WordPress Hosting

Agora Media Services offers Managed WordPress Website Hosting through Site District, and we pass on to our customers reduced hosting fees because we are hosting several sites under one account. And you can save even more if you pre-pay annually as compared to monthly billing:


    • Just $360/year when you pay annually — that’s just $30/month!
    • Two payments of $270 when you pay semi-annually — that’s just $45/month!
    • Four payments of $180 when you pay quarterly — that’s just $60/month!
    • Six payments of $150 when you pay bimonthly — that’s just $75/month!
    • Monthly payments of $85 when you pay monthly.

    To simplify billing and payment, we ask that you set up automatic payments through PayPal, using your PayPal account or any major credit card.

    Contact us now to learn more.