About Us

Ted Altenberg, Educator and Web DesignerAgora Media Services focuses on providing personalized service to people and organizations that want an affordable solution to creating their web presence. We emphasize training our clients to manage their own websites, so that they can have a viable website with very little overhead.

Our Principal Web Designer and Coach-Trainer is Ted Altenberg, who has been a classroom teacher for nearly 3 decades, and has been training and coaching both students and adults in computers and the Internet for nearly 2 decades. He has been building websites since around 1996 — those early days of the web, of simple HTML without CSS or scripting.

Ted’s computer, web design and coaching-training skills and knowledge come from both formal training and decades of experience. If you’re one of those people who are amazed by other people’s “tech savvy” skills, Ted wants you to know: the biggest “secret” to developing your tech skills is seat time — those thousands of hours spent at the keyboard, doing, learning, exploring, solving problems, etc. Nothing beats practice, practice, practice. (Malcolm Gladwell identified the “10,000 Hour Rule” about what separates the very good from the truly outstanding…)