“Tables are a pretty common content component but are unsupported out-of-the-box by the WordPress Visual Editor.

“Not surprisingly then, there are a number of plugins that solve the table problem from those that make the TinyMCE table buttons live again, to Admin interface visual table builders and pure shortcode plays.

“But which is best for you? Which WordPress table plugin will help you turn the tables, into works of art?”

This is from the good people at WPMU, and their recent post, “7 WordPress Plugins To Help You Turn The Tables (Into Works Of Art).”

The 7 plugins they review and recommend are:

  • Easy Table
  • Table Press
  • Websimon Tables
  • Ultimate Tables
  • OSD Simple Table Generator
  • Visual Table Formatting Lite
  • MCE Table Buttons

In deciding which is the best, they point out that it depends on what kind of table you want (e.g. static or dynamic, overall size, control of style, etc.), and state, “If you want features then the choice comes down to two: Easy Table and TablePress. Both provide excellent features but which to choose will depend on whether you want to add data in the post editor itself (Easy Table) or in a specific interface (TablePress).”

Read their full review at  premium.wpmudev.org/blog/7-wordpress-plugins-to-turn-the-tables-into-works-of-art/