The folks at Elegant Themes have again done the work for us: check out their recent (Jan. 8, 2016) post sharing 25 cool websites built using WordPress: The sites are:

  • Gisi Design – a German brand company website.
    Highlights: Runs on the X Theme – ThemeForest’s most popular WordPress theme; beautiful transitions and animations
  • Who Is Leon? – a personal site for a UI/UX developer in Dallas, TX.
    Highlights: Innovative transition effects are coupled with an elegant flat design to create a cutting edge effect
  • Mercedes-Benz – one of the world’s largest brands that has its international site running on WordPress.
    Highlights: A slick and high-end looking custom theme; highlights the images and videos of its cars.
  • Katy Perry – One of many huge celebrities that use WordPress for their websites.
    Highlights: Parallax scrolling visuals, with large background images that change as you make your way down the page. Social media has a big focus here too.
  • Fair Ivy – A gift subscription service
    Highlights: Uses another of ThemeForest’s most popular themes, The Retailer; a clean and elegant look that’s easy to navigate.
  • Outward Bound Croatia – an outdoor adventure organization
    Highlights: Uses the Integrity theme from; gorgeous imagery.
  • Happy In My Skin – A wellness therapy website
    Highlights: Uses the Renew theme from; a look that’s calm, serene and spa-like while highlighting just the essentials.

And 15 more… The Elegant Themes article includes screenshots so you can see what these sites look like as well. Check it out!