An After School Class at EAHMS: Web Design Using WordPress

I am so very busy in my new job (Academic Coordinator, comparable to Ass’t. Principal) at E. A. Hall MS, I really should not add more to my plate… but I am a fool and I can’t resist, so I am teaching a 1 day/week class in the after school program, on Web Design Using WordPress.

WP Themes 101

For my presentation on WP Themes at the Santa Cruz WordPress MeetUp, Wednesday October 22, 2014 Outline: Free vs. premium vs. custom, pros and cons of each What to look for in a theme Where to find themes (and where not to look) Child themes P.S. WP Remote — an awesome plugin for website managers Links to more articles about WP themes Free vs. Premium vs. Custom: Advantages of free themes: FREE! Many more plugins since they’re so widely used Community Support No-cost experimentation Disadvantages of free themes: Not unique Some are poorly coded (check download/update/usage stats) Lack of … Continue reading

What I’ve learned from a few years of training people on WordPress

This is an initial outline for what I plan to expand as soon as I can… I’ve been working with WordPress since around 2000, and quite actively since 2008 or so. Over the last 5+ years I have not only built dozens of WP websites, but I have also trained dozens of clients on how to use WP to manage and maintain their own websites. I have also been a guest speaker in John Govsky’s Web Publishing 3 class at Cabrillo College many times, presenting on WordPress. Here are some of the things I’ve learned about training people on WP … Continue reading

Another successful training session

I met today with three of the four editors/writers of the teen-produced magazine Tangerine Moon. Maggie, Gina and Athena are all high school sophomores (just finished their freshman year), and have recently taken the reins as the main writers/editors of the magazine. We spent two hours at Maggie’s computer, and went over the basics of how WordPress works, how to create and edit pages and posts, add and format images, work with the menu, and a bit more. They did really well, and said they think they understand it enough to continue to work on it on their own. The … Continue reading