Best Frameworks 2014

SitePoint ( is one of the great sources of information on WordPress and other web design topics. They posted an article on the best current design frameworks (, and listed these frameworks: Twitter Bootstrap 3 ( There are scores of WP themes based on the Bootstrap framework Foundation Framework by Zurb ( As of today (1/3/14) there are 15 themes based on Foundation, at Compass ( Four WP themes found based on Compass Yahoo Pure CSS ( Two WP themes mention “YUI (Yahoo User Inter face) Grid layout support.” I’m guessing this might be similar to Pure CSS, perhaps … Continue reading

WP: Turn off auto-hyphenation

Almost every theme I’ve worked with has auto-hyphenation turned on as the default setting, which might be OK if it worked better… but it doesn’t. I often see goofy hyphenations with 2-letter syllables split off the rest of a word. So I usually go in there and turn it off. Of course we should do this in a child theme, but if don’t otherwise need a child theme, then you can just edit style.css – knowing that you’ll have to go back and do so again, after you update the theme. To turn off auto-hyphenation: Go to Appearance → Editor … Continue reading

WordPress Themes: Which one to choose?

A WordPress theme is what gives a website its design elements: layout, colors, menus, etc. There are literally thousands of WordPress themes available, so choosing the one just right for you can be a challenge. The information below will help you understand your options. Our web portfolio lists the themes used in various sites we’ve built. If you find a theme you like, but want to change some aspects of it, like colors, background, menus, some layout options, most such changes are quite easily made. But of course, the closer a theme is to just what you want, the less … Continue reading