Website 101

I’ve given this “lesson” many times over the years, so it’s high time I post it here so it’s preserved and readily available. This begins with “the 3 things you need to have for a website” and then takes each of those a couple of steps further. The Basics: 3 things you need for website: Domain name: These tend to cost around $15/year, plus/minus a buck or two. If you want to go the totally free route, then several online web hosting companies offer you free websites with free subdomains. A subdomain is a domain “under” a domain, and appears as … Continue reading

25 Cool Websites Built with WordPress

The folks at Elegant Themes have again done the work for us: check out their recent (Jan. 8, 2016) post sharing 25 cool websites built using WordPress: The sites are: Gisi Design – a German brand company website. Highlights: Runs on the X Theme – ThemeForest’s most popular WordPress theme; beautiful transitions and animations Who Is Leon? – a personal site for a UI/UX developer in Dallas, TX. Highlights: Innovative transition effects are coupled with an elegant flat design to create a cutting edge effect Mercedes-Benz – one of the world’s largest brands that has its international site running on … Continue reading

100 Best FREE WP Themes (WPMUDev)

Once again, the folks at bring us a great resource: they spent many many hours scouring through the WP database of free themes, and identified these 100 best themes. Rather than copy the whole article, or even partial (where do you draw the line?), I’ll simply share with you the list of theme titles. I highly recommendc you check out their article, at For each theme, they offer a brief summary, a list of key features, a screenshot, and links to the demo and download pages at So, here’s the opening paragraphs of their article, followed by … Continue reading

Facebook in WP

Integrating social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) into your website is so important these days, if you want to optimize your SEO (Search Engine optimization)… and this is as true for WP-built websites as any other websites… So here are a couple of recents posts from one of my favorite sources of WP advice, Elegant Themes: ddd

An After School Class at EAHMS: Web Design Using WordPress

I am so very busy in my new job (Academic Coordinator, comparable to Ass’t. Principal) at E. A. Hall MS, I really should not add more to my plate… but I am a fool and I can’t resist, so I am teaching a 1 day/week class in the after school program, on Web Design Using WordPress.

WP Themes 101

For my presentation on WP Themes at the Santa Cruz WordPress MeetUp, Wednesday October 22, 2014 Outline: Free vs. premium vs. custom, pros and cons of each What to look for in a theme Where to find themes (and where not to look) Child themes P.S. WP Remote — an awesome plugin for website managers Links to more articles about WP themes Free vs. Premium vs. Custom: Advantages of free themes: FREE! Many more plugins since they’re so widely used Community Support No-cost experimentation Disadvantages of free themes: Not unique Some are poorly coded (check download/update/usage stats) Lack of … Continue reading

Hide a page or post title

Sometimes you don’t want the title of a page or post to be displayed, but you still want to give it a title. Here’s how, thanks to the great folks (Joe Foley in this case) at ( Create the page or post, with the title you want. Publish it. Look at the code of the page, and find the id for the page/post , and the class of the title (graphics from WPMUDev): Now insert the following code into the stylesheet: If it’s a page: .page-id-1826 .entry-title {display: none;} If it’s a post: #post-1773 .entry-title {display: none;} Here’s the … Continue reading vs.

And yet again, the bloggers at Elegant Themes offers us important and helpful information about the world of WordPress web design.This article offers many great insights into both and, and how to use each. Since we here at Agora Media Services are all about helping you create your own websites, and since you usually want your own domain name, we’ve been big fans of installing WP within your own webhosting account, and using as your source for themes, plugins and documentation. However, using is also a great option — especially if you don’t care about a … Continue reading

20 Best WP Themes in 2014, and more

Once again, the folks at Elegant Themes offer an informative review of some of the best themes out there. In addition, the article includes a nice overview of the pros and cons of free themes vs. premium themes, as well as “freemium” themes, which they define as “the Digital Love Child Of Free and Premium Themes.” “It is a free theme (generally) from a premium theme shop.” The 20 themes they recommend as “best” are: Serene by Elegant Themes Arcade Basic By Bovatan Snaps by Graph Paper Press Rivera by FabThemes Hueman by AlxMedia Moesia by aThemes Starter by ThemeUm … Continue reading